Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"National Gallery of Norway"

Norway’s National Gallery possesses one of the finest collections of fine art in Europe. While they could make use of a more updated curating model, there are a few true masterpieces amongst their permanent exhibition. Picasso’s “Le Pauvre Ménage” (1903), Manet’s “Mrs. Manet in the Winter Garden”(1876/79) or Degas’s “Morning Toilet” (1892/95) are hidden gems. However, the highlight of the show is Erik Werenskiold’s “Peasant’s Burial” (1885), a masterwork of naturalism where the artist allow us to witness the grief of a family just as we have been spotted nosing by a secondary character. Werenskiold uses local colours to create a dichotomy between the subject matter and the setting. The bright summer day jars beautifully with the deep inward experience of the funeral. 

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